Cap on shares issued has now been reached

The cap on shares issued for the Fonds’ 2018-2019 fiscal year has now been reached. Starting today, the Fonds cannot accept contributions by one-time payment, either by cheque or automatic bank transfer, until May 31, 2019. However, this cap does not affect savers who have signed up (or who wish to sign up) for payroll deductions or automatic bank withdrawals.


As you know, our mission is to invest in a socially responsible manner. By stopping the issuance of shares for the current year, we are ensuring that we do not jeopardize the business model that is the foundation of the Fonds’ success as we know it today.


We are aware that this measure may inconvenience some savers. Rest assured that we fully acknowledge this impact. If you are looking to integrate a savings habit into your life and safeguard against any future contribution caps, we encourage you to learn more about our two automatic contribution options.



Thank you for your understanding and your continued trust in us.