Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is growing from 17 to 19 directors, which enables independent directors to join its ranks. 

  • Seven (7) members of the Board of Directors will be appointed by the FTQ general council. 
  • Seven (7) independent members not related to the Fonds or the FTQ and its affiliated unions will be elected each year at the shareholders’ meeting. 
  • Four (4) members will also be elected at the shareholders’ meeting, provided they submit their candidacy beforehand. These candidates must meet integrity criteria and collect a minimum of 50 signatures of support from shareholders. 

  • The President of the Board of Directors will be a member independent of the Fonds, the FTQ and its affiliated unions, and he or she will preside over the Governance and Ethics Committee as well.
  • He or she willalso be a de facto member of all committees formed by the Board. 

 Robert Parizeau  Mr. Robert Parizeau will join the Fonds’ board of Directors and will become its President this coming May. A seasoned director and a successful businessman, Mr. Parizeau serves as Chairman of the Board, non-executive, of Aon Parizeau Inc., insurance brokers and risk management consultants, and acts as an advisor to the Aon Group in Québec. Mr. Parizeau also sits on the board of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations and he co-chairs the board of the Institute of Corporate Directors for Québec. He is a member of the board of SCOR Reinsurance Company of Canada and he has served as Chairman of the Board of Gaz Métro Inc. He has also served on such important boards of directors as the National Bank of Canada, Power Corporation, Canam Group and Van Houtte Inc. Mr. Parizeau will helm the Fonds through its changes in governance.